"Blue Buckeye Butterfly" Framed Round Butterfly Painting 8x8

Elevate your walls with this optimistic blue buckeye butterfly painting that beckons you toward your own metamorphosis. The vibrant blue and orange butterfly wings and ethereal golden mist creates a balanced composition that explores the hopeful energy of transformation. It would look lovely in an eclectic gallery wall grouping or gracing a special wall on its own. The beautiful medicine of butterfly symbolism turns any corner into a sacred space.

Click to read more about the inspiration and poetry behind these butterfly paintings and view the full collection.

Details: Original acrylic painting on 8 inch round canvas board + satin black painted wood frame 10 x 10 inches.

Symbology: Butterflies remind us to trust our transformational process, opening our eyes to the beauty and freedom on the other side of change. Click here to learn more about butterfly symbolism.

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible. The metallic and iridescent paints and glossy, protective varnish create interesting, shimmering effects depending on the angle of the viewer.

*This piece is currently on display at Ossa Skinworks for Olympia Arts Month. Stop by sometime in October to view it in person! If you purchase it, I'll deliver it to you at the end of the month.