Details about original art for sale

Our art studio and gallery space is open from 10-3:30 Monday-Saturday or by appointment, so please stop by to see the selection of original art we have for sale. You can also view our work in Ossa Skinworks in downtown Olympia. Contact us to set up an appointment if you'd like to preview a piece in person before purchasing.

We recommend hanging our original art in a moisture-free environment away from direct sunlight. Please contact us with any questions. We provide free art styling services if you'd like size, frame, or pairing reccommendations for your space.

We offer fine art prints of many of our original paintings and drawings, so if you see a piece you love that has already sold, be sure to check for a print or email us a request to make one.

Thank you so much for supporting our art studio with your purchase! Creating this art and sharing it with you is an honor. 

With love,

Aimee and Danny Schreiber