Moth & Butterfly Paintings

Moth & Butterfly Painting Collection Details

I began this collection of moth and butterfly paintings during the early days of 2020 to explore the energy of transformation and rebirth. Each flower and insect wing painted during this surreal moment in time brought me closer to understanding my vulnerabilities as a human and the destructive nature of metamorphosis while at the same time revealing the beauty made possible on the other side of change. 

The vibrant butterflies of day and ethereal moths of night ask us to consider both physical transformation and the abstract transformation of ideas. What things long lost and forgotten are now able to emerge? What new thing can be born from the collective upheaval? What new systems can rise to replace that which is broken?

Half-forgotten garden
with petals
and fragrance
and wings

Spools of cotton harden
and gather
like dust on
brass rings

Clouds of drifting pollen
bloom quiet
and starry
and gold

Sunbeams sifting, fallen,
they shiver
and slowly

Butterflies and moths continue to fascinate me with their otherworldly colors, intricate forms, and evocative symbolism. They are muses that help me understand change and the interconnectedness of everything, from our spiraling galaxy to the universe within a single wing. I frequently use metal leaf and jewel-toned acrylic paints to capture their rich forms and enjoy experimenting with different surfaces and techniques to make room for the unexpected. It is my hope that these paintings are as transportive and insightful to you in the viewing as they were for me in the making.

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you for supporting my work. Creating this art and sharing it with you is an honor. 

With love, Aimee