Originals by Aimee

Explore original mystical nature paintings by Aimee Schreiber. From whimsical insects and ethereal landscapes to evocative portraits and surreal dreamscapes, Aimee's artwork is a symbol-based attempt to understand and connect to herself and others. Guided by curiosity, she loves exploring mythology and her internal dreamscape and is deeply inspired by the lands, creatures, and cultures of the world. Insects in particular have always fascinated her with their otherworldly colors, intricate forms, and evocative symbolism. They are muses that help her explore the energy of transformation and the interconnectedness of everything, from our spiraling galaxy to the universe within a single wing. She frequently uses metal leaf and jewel-toned acrylic paints to capture their rich forms and enjoys experimenting with different surfaces and techniques to make room for the unexpected.  

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