"Transcend" Framed Acrylic Hawk Moth Painting 11x14

Elevate your walls with this ethereal hawk moth painting that beckons you toward other viewpoints and your own metamorphosis. The intricate wings, gold leaf halo, and vivid red rose are offset by dreamy pastel hues, creating a balanced composition that shimmers with possibility and explores the hope and mystery of transformation. It would look lovely in an eclectic gallery wall grouping or gracing a special wall on its own. 

The beautiful medicine of moth art and symbolism turns any room into a sacred space. Click to view the full collection of original insect paintings here.

Symbology: Hawk Moths, like most flying creatures, remind us to be aware of our perspective and explore other viewpoints. Sometimes a shift in perspective is all that is needed to transcend the dramas and traumas that bind us.

Transcend the minute for the hour
Transcend the hour for the day
Transcend the day for the year
Transcend the year for the decade
Transcend the decade for the century
Transcend the century for the minute

Bird's eye or worm's eye
it's all made of the same
perspective is perception
it's only just a game

Details: Acrylic and gold leaf painting on 11 x 14" canvas, + antiqued gold frame (19.5 x 16.5")

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible.

*This piece is currently on display at Locust Cider for Olympia Arts Month. Stop by to view it in person!