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"Mirror III" Framed Acrylic Ethereal Moth Painting 8"

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This ethereal moth painting features two otherworldly luna moths flying toward each other through clouds of rich, formless pigments. Original acrylic painting on 8 inch gallery stretched canvas board + gilded wood floater frame measuring 10 inches.

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Symbology: Moths remind us to trust our transformational process and seek the light in dark places, opening our eyes to the beauty and freedom on the other side of change. The number two symbolizes partnership, duality, love, and empty space.

Two is how we know things—
without a mirror
we can't see much.
Two is how we grow things
made up of tension,
the truth, and touch.

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible. The glossy, protective varnish creates interesting, shimmering effects depending on the angle of the viewer.