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"Everything" Harris Three Spot Moth Painting 20x24

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Transform your walls with this Harris three-spot moth and mushroom painting by Aimee Schreiber. Featuring an exquisite black, white and brown Harris three-spot moth (harrisimemna trisignata) with a gold leaf halo surrounded by warm-toned mushroom gills inspired by split-gill mushrooms, this vibrant painting invites you to embrace and celebrate your own transformation. 

Symbolism: Moths remind us to trust our transformational process and seek the light in dark places, opening our eyes to the beauty and freedom on the other side of change. Mushrooms remind us to notice the interconnection of everything and celebrate our cycles of growth, decomposition, and rebirth.

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Details: This original artwork is a one-of-a-kind acrylic and gold leaf painting on 20 x 24 inch (50.8 cm x 61 cm) linen-wrapped board. The painting comes framed in an elegant gold leaf wood frame that measures 24 x 30 inches on the outside. The piece arrives ready to hang with a wire hanger so you can enjoy the art right away!

Using quality professional-grade materials, this gorgeous painting was made with an eye for detail and a love for nature's beauty. The rich colors and dramatic textures together with natural elements, graphic forms, and metallic gleam create an artful, mysterious look that would look at home in an eclectic gallery wall or gracing a special wall on its own.

Artist:Aimee Schreiber. View all of her art and follow her @aimeeschreiber

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible. The metallic leaf and glossy, protective varnish create interesting, shimmering effects depending on the angle of the viewer.

*This piece is currently on display at Ossa Skinworks for Olympia Arts Month. It can be picked up or shipped at the beginning of November if you purchase it. 

Experience the profound beauty of nature and metamorphic magic with "Everything," part of a new collection of paintings featuring moths and mushrooms from around the world. The intricate details, vibrant colors, and rich symbolism of these paintings will uplift your space and your spirit. 

I wanted to explore themes of connection using moths, earthy color palettes and mushrooms, the ultimate connectors. This poem is based on the titles of the twelve paintings in this collection. 


Everything together
in totality
nothing here is separate
in reality

all the notes belong
in this strange and silken song
harmonizing wholeness–
life’s vitality

Moments in cohesion–
spacious unity
kinship and communion–
form’s integrity

pieces all connect
as our mirrors all reflect
all we really have is