"Purification" Surreal Flower Art Print

This surreal art print features a Himalayan blue poppy with tattooed legs and hands holding a candle against a dramatic cloudy sky. A swallow and two moths hover nearby. The rich symbols and vivid tones in this artwork create an evocative mood that will stir your imagination and invite fifth chakra energy into your home. 

Printed on velvety fine art paper, this beautiful giclée art print preserves the exquisite details of the original painting while adding rich, subtle texture. Pair this print with other mystical artwork to create a gallery wall or transform a special wall with this symbol of earth energy. 

Details: This borderless fine art reproduction is printed with archival inks on premium Hahnemühle fine art paper. This museum-quality paper has a gorgeous, velvety texture and sturdy weight.

Artist:Aimee Schreiber

Symbolism: Purification is a visual meditation on truth, communication, and openness, exploring the voice as a vehicle for truth and nourishment. It is part of a seven-piece series that explores various aspects of human existence through the chakras and other mythological symbols. The legs and hands belong to my husband, who is a seeker and speaker of truth and the main inspiration for this painting. 

In yogic traditions, the fifth chakra, or energy center located at the throat is called vishudda, which means purification. It is associated with creative expression, communication, the color blue, purity, and harmony. The element associated with this chakra is ether, which is the essence of air, earth, fire, and water. The candle held out like an offering in the center of the blue poppy represents the purifying aspect of the fire element. The clouds represent water, the swallow represents air, and the flower represents earth. Each element, like the voice, has creative and destructive aspects that can be refined and purified through its expression.

The swallow is known for its lovely song and is a sign of good luck.According to a Native American legend, the Barn Swallow got its forked tail because it stole fire from the gods to bring to people. An angry god threw a firebrand at the swallow, burning away its middle tail feathers.

As masters of metamorphosis, moths are significant symbols of transformation and rebirth. With a very short lifespan, they remind us of the fleeting nature of life and how we can use our voices to transform ourselves and our surroundings in what little time we have. 

Frame not included. An ornate or simple gold, black, or natural wood frame would look lovely with this art print. Email me with a photo of your space if you'd like frame, size, or pairing recommendations to compliment your existing décor. 

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your artwork to be printed and shipped to you.