Dawn Dreamscape by Aimee Schreiber

Acrylic painting on 36 x 48 inch canvas

11 x 14 inch giclée prints on fine art velvet paper available

Please note: Purchased artwork can be picked up or shipped after the close of the exhibit on April 17.

About the artist:

Aimee is an artist, designer, poet, and cohost of the Intentionists Podcast. She loves exploring mythological symbolism and the wonders of human and non-human nature through her work, especially the integration of the physical, psychological and spiritual realms. She is fascinated by the lands and cultures of the world, often drawing from her time in the colorful jungles of Mexico, the enchanted forests of Washington, and the timeless plazas of Spain. Through examining and expressing her inner experience, she hopes to inspire others to forge their own paths with curiosity, creativity, and compassion. Connect with her online at aimeeschreiber.com or instagram.com/aimeeschreiber