"City of Jewels" Surreal Dandelion Art Print

Invite desert enchantment into your space with this surreal dandelion art print symbolizing the manipura chakra located at the solar plexus. This surreal art print features a vibrant yellow dandelion with legs and hands holding an amethyst crystal against a dramatic desert landscape. A barn owl, hawk moth, and golden beetles hover nearby. The rich symbols and vivid tones in this artwork create an evocative mood that will stir your imagination and invite third chakra energy into your home. 

Printed on velvety fine art paper, this beautiful giclée art print preserves the exquisite details of the original painting while adding rich, subtle texture. Pair this print with other mystical artwork to create a gallery wall or transform a special wall with this symbol of fire energy. 

Details: This borderless fine art reproduction is printed with archival inks on premium Hahnemühle fine art paper. This museum-quality paper has a gorgeous, velvety texture and sturdy weight.

Artist:Aimee Schreiber | View all of her art and follow her @aimeeschreiber

Symbolism:'City of Jewels' is a visual meditation on willpower, resilience, and the self, exploring the solar plexus as a vehicle for action, intuition, and nourishment. It is part of a seven-piece series that explores various aspects of human existence through the chakras and other mythological symbols. The legs and hands belong to my sister, who is a person of action and the main inspiration for this painting. 

In yogic traditions, the third chakra, or energy center located at the solar plexus above the navel is called manipura, which means 'city of jewels'. It is associated with self confidence, willpower, action, passion, courage, energy, digestion, the color yellow, individuality, and the sun. The element associated with this chakra is fire with all its purifying and transformational aspects. Fire, like personal power, has creative and destructive features that can be refined as the sense of self is refined. The amethyst held out like an offering in the center of the dandelion represents the intuitive 'gut feelings' located in this energy center.

Dandelions symbolize resilience, strength, and the ability to thrive in adverse circumstances. They're also associated with healing and have been used in herbal medicine for their many health benefits.  As a symbol of resilience and the unknown, the desert's vast and mysterious expanses remind us that life and beauty is formed by even the harshest conditions and there is strength to be found by traveling the uncharted wilderness inside us. 

The owl is known for its wisdom and is associated with the unknown and spirits of the dead.As masters of metamorphosis, moths are significant symbols of transformation and rebirth. With a very short lifespan, they remind us of the fleeting nature of life and how we can act to transform ourselves and our surroundings in what little time we have. Golden beetles are also associated with transformation as well as abundance, protection, and strength.

Frame not included with paper print option. An ornate or simple gold, black, or natural wood frame would look lovely with this art print. Email me with a photo of your space if you'd like frame, size, or pairing recommendations to compliment your existing décor. 

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible. Please allow up to 2 weeks for your artwork to be printed and shipped to you.