"Love (is not blind)" Polyphemus Moth Painting 48x48

Transform your space into a modern bohemian wonderland with this larger-than-life polyphemus moth painting that exudes beauty, wonder, and mystery. The stunning size, delicate organic form, and rich symbolism combine to create meaningful wall art that beckons you toward your own metamorphosis. This ethereal moth painting is adorned with brilliant, authentic copper leaf and layers of shimmering, jewel-toned pigments. 

Artist: Aimee Schreiber

Details: Acrylic and copper leaf original polyphemus moth painting on 48 x 48 inch gallery-wrapped canvas with hanging wire.

Due to the large size, please email a request with your location and I will provide you a shipping quote.

Please note: Colors vary from screen to screen and are represented as accurately as possible. The pure copper halo will develop a natural patina over time.


This haloed polyphemus moth illustrates the conundrum of both seeing and being seen in relationships. As the giant Polyphemus is blinded in the Odyssey, we too are often blinded by our own expectations, beliefs, and assumptions about ourselves and others, particularly in romantic relationships. This moth is here to remind us to keep our eyes wide open, contemplate our disguises, and embrace the beauty of transformation.

Love is not blind
it is seeing
a witness to day
and a night
the need to contain
clutch too tight
love is not blind
it is sight
the pieces we hide from the light

*This piece is currently on display at Locust Cider. Stop by sometime to view it in person!