Winter Reflection Yoga & Painting Online Workshop

Join me in this special online workshop to align with restful winter energy through yoga, meditation, and intentional painting. You'll receive a pdf and video guide that includes:

  1. 10 minute guided meditation
  2. 60 minute restorative yoga for relaxation and reflection
  3. 45 minute lake intention painting tutorial
  4. Bonus practices for winter wellness and a color symbolism guide is included in your pdf

Winter is an introspective, restful time that invites us to contemplate our relationship to stillness, gather to celebrate light and hope, retreat inward to connect to the quiet seasonal energy, and reflect on our intentions. This workshop combines meditative visualization, breath work, restorative yoga, and intentional painting centered around reflection and relaxation. It is designed for the winter solstice or any time you want to explore stillness and surrender.

Recommended supplies: Yoga mat, bolsters, blankets, blocks, or pillows, blank paper or canvas (I used 11x14 inch canvas), pencil, acrylic paints (I used white, ochre yellow, burnt sienna, and phthalocyanine blue), brushes, cup of water. (any art supplies and colors you have on hand will work for this.)

About the Instructor:

Aimee Schreiber is a registered Hatha Yoga instructor, director of The Copper Wolf Art Gallery, and co-host of the Intentionists Podcast. She combines her love of seasonal magic with yoga and art in this special workshop.