Dragon in Space by Katherine Rizzo

Print of digital artwork on 11" x 11" paper, framed

Email gallery@thecopperwolf.com for purchase inquiries and print requests.

About the Artist:

Katherine Rizzo

I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember. From painting to sculpting I’ve dabbled in many mediums. Throughout my grade school years many of my art classes taught me a myriad of basic techniques to start me on my way to the path of an artist. At around my middle school years I was inspired by the manga (Japanese anime) style artwork that had been growing in popularity and I decided to try and make my style the same. While there is still a flavor of that manga styling in my works I have managed to put my own signature look to it.

Although I have taken several art classes throughout my school years I have also done a lot of self-teaching. I have accumulated a copious number of “How to” art books over the years (and yes many of them are “how to draw manga” books). In the last couple of years I have compiled a huge collection of photo references to help with some of the visual aspects. Mostly in figure drawing; i.e. foreshortening with odd poses. Gotta love Google images.

I’ve never been particularly adept with words therefore drawing has always been my way of telling stories, from tales of spies to alien/spirit love stories I have “showed not tell” the narratives. For example many of the pieces seen here today are character designs from various stories I’ve come up with over the years.
If you like what you see and would either like your own copy on a different surface I can be reached via email at k.rizzo@hotmail.com (please make the title “Art request” so I know what the message is). Some of my works can also be found on society 6 and redbubble under the name KRizzo999. As far as social media platforms I can be found on Facebook as Katherine Rizzo and Instagram as rizzo9051.