Curious Wonder by Maria Friedrich

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Watercolor print, 11 x 14 inches, framed

About the Artist:

Over the countless trips through bear and elk country, I continue to come home to draw as a creative reflection of immense adoration of the natural world and the inspiring fauna of the Pacific Northwest. In the cycle of changing inspiration, I find myself alternating multiple mediums such as watercolor, color pencil, marker, pencil, and acrylic paints. The wilderness both inspires the muses of my work and provides my favorite canvases such as bone, wood, and feathers. A fair mix of my work in recent years include pet portraits, commissioned works, feather paintings, and tributary works of wolves, elk, deer, and horses. 

You can visit the following sites to view my work or reach me at:
CoyoteClaw Designs/Facebook
CoyoteClaw_Designs on Instagram