Juniper has worked in a wide variety of mediums over time. Printmaking, photography and needle felting have been some of her favorites to work in until now, but she wants to be able to make art out of any medium at her disposal. A proper jack-of-all-trades. 

Her artwork is inspired by her love of nature and visually exploring spiritual concepts. She believes that every medium has a type of mark-making that isn’t available in any other medium. Her design process is very influenced by finding and expressing what is specific to each medium. Her tattoos feature a combination of black work and some light-handed stipple shading with bold colored accents. The overall design style is illustrative.

During her first year as a tattoo artist, she’s open to all kinds of design challenges but is looking specifically to do more abstract designs and anything with a spiritual component!

Follow her work at @thejuniperjack and email her at

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