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Untitled (graphite) by H. Elise

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Graphite on paper

6 x 9 inches

About the Artist:

As long as I can remember I have been creating. The compulsion to create comes from...well who knows where it comes from? But being alive in a fully conscious world compels me to create art. Sometimes I identify as a human being and sometimes I long to lose that label.

As a person my work is often about social justice in this country with a long unjust history. Being mixed, I've always felt that trying to fit into one neat box never works, no one fits in like that yet we are constantly categorizing. I want justice, I want peace. I want everyone to be just as safe, valued, and whole as everyone else.

Sometimes I long to lose the label of "human" and dissolve into the Gaian mind. Then my work becomes about exploring the blurry boundaries that exist between our individual selves and the larger existence of all of Life, Nature, and the Cosmos. I'm intrigued by magick, myth, feminine power, mystery, and the other enigmas of life that remain hidden and obscured.

The garden, the turning of the seasons, the wisdom of the Earth, the bounty of existence within color, and also the realities of being a human and the way the world sees me are constant inspirations for my art.

Those things inspire me......but I have only one true Muse. My Muse, She is vibration personified. She is MUSIC.

I'm in Olympia and I use a variety of mediums such as pen and ink, pyrography, acrylic, oil, and graphite on wood, canvas, book covers and more. I'm always trying to incorporate my garbage into my art because it helps relieve the lurking sense of guilt I have for being part of our planet's ongoing downfall. I'm currently working on some sculptures and a music project that will hopefully be born into the world of YouTube very soon. Oh, and I love the most juvenile and terrible puns and I keep drawing them.

I have two pieces currently on view at the SPSCC gallery as part of their annual postcard fundraiser.

@IG: H.elisemagick

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