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The Veil by Brandon Silva

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Ink on paper, framed

17 x 14 inches

About the Artist:

My name is Brandon Silva, and I am a 27 year old self taught artist. Originally from El Paso, Texas, a majority of my artwork inspiration comes from Mexican cultural themes with a neotraditional tattoo stylized approach. I enjoy the simple medium of ink on paper in black and grey, and most often like to incorporate spiritual symbolism. I strive to create artwork that evokes both a haunting and peaceful emotional presence.

The artwork submitted is of the barn owl which resides in the open country west and east of the Cascades. The portrayal of the owl focuses on the ability it has as a hunter. Hunting with intensity and supreme calculation, the image is meant to capture the owl the moment before it captures its prey. Although the Owl is an elusive creature, the image is also a reminder of the beauty that often goes unseen.

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