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Alone on the Mountain by Maureen Clark

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11 x 17" stained glass on chain

About the artist:

Maureen Clark is a self-taught stained-glass artist from Eatonville, WA. She began working with glass in 2015 after taking a brief beginners level class in traditional lead frame style. It wasn’t long before I moved onto the foil method, a more free-form structure of framing and securing the glass. This freedom allows me to work on my own personal style which highlights the organic shapes and flow of nature. I strive to capture a sense of realism with each piece while still maintaining an aspect of fantastical wonder I view in the world around us. My interest in the natural world has found its way into my art in unique expressions and I often include specimen items such as sliced agate and fossils in my creations.

Much of my work is commission driven and every design is hand drawn with the recipient in mind. I utilize many personal identifiers in my work through symbolism; favorite colors, birthstone colors, favorite plants or animals are some of my most requested forms. In addition to natural inspiration, I work diligently to find the perfect glass. I prefer to work with handmade glass which often allows me to express deeper artistic diversity as every handmade sheet provides a new range of texture, color, and vitality to my designs. Moreover, as no two sheets of handmade glass are the same, it ensures that every completed piece appears wholly unique. More examples of my art can be found on Instagram or Face Book @ #panebypane

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